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kHẢ NĂNG CHẤN: 2.5-20 mm
CHIỀU DÀI: 1300-6200 mm
ÁP LỰC: 30-1000 Tons
HÀNH TRÌNH: 150-350 mm



  1. Adopt AC servo motor. Free of carbon brush and maintenance.
  2. Speed of back gauge: 1000 rpm.
  3. Min. Preset Unit: 0.01mm.
  4. Accuracy of back gauge(X axis): 0.01 mm
    (G point of Servo motor is taken as the basis point).
  5. The max. number of drawing number to be memorized is 156.
  6. Each drawing No. offers 16 operations.
  7. The range of preset workpieces is 99999; machine automatically stops when the whole processing completes
  8. Control Function: Preset of modification of size, manual / semiautomatic / fully automatic / limit detection operation.
  9. Manual input is simple and can be stored.
  10. The controller is free from electromagnetic interference.